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Common Name: Malaysian Leaf Frog
Scientific Name: Megophrys nasuta
Adult Size: between 3 and 4 inches. Females average 5 inches.

The Malaysian Leaf Frog is native to the humid forests of Indonesia, Malaysia, Borneo, and the outlying islands. Leaf Horned Frogs tend to be rather inactive, both in captivity and in the wild. In their natural habitat, the Leaf Horned Frog usually sits absolutely motionless on the forest floor, relying on its camouflage to hide in the leaf litter. The calls of Leaf Horned Frogs are best described as soft metallic "ching" noises, but these frogs will not make noises if they are disturbed. They tend to spend roughly equal amounts of time in water and on land.

Captive Environment: A minimum of a 10 gallon aquarium should be used for one frog. Use reptile bark or shredded coconut bark as a substrate. Keep damp at all times. Change substrate as it becomes soiled. Use a screened lid for proper ventilation. Live or artificial plants may be used. Also, a cave or hollow log is recommended to give the frog a hiding place. They like to hide out in shadowy areas.

Lighting: UVB emitting full spectrum lighting is optional for your nocturnal reptile. However it may prove to be beneficial to the long term care of your pet reptile. The light should be positioned less than 18" from your pet for maximum effect. Glass blocks ultraviolet light, and air circulation, therefore it should never be used as a top for the enclosure. A 12- hour day/ night lighting cycle is a good start for your pet reptile. Using a timer is the best way to ensure that the proper amount of light is received.

Temperature: Malaysian Leaf Frogs require cooler temperatures than most common pet frog species, between 65-75F. Use an under tank heating pad to maintain your aquarium temperature. Use a thermometer to ensure proper temperature range is maintained.

Water: A bowl of clean, de-chlorinated water should always be available. Frogs do not drink water, they absorb it through their skin, therefore a water dish should be provided that is large enough for the animal to easily get in and out of.

Food: They will eat insects (crickets), small rodents, small lizards, and even other frogs. Their food should always be dusted with a calcium supplement.

NOTE: This care sheet is a general guide, to learn more about your pet consult a book about it.