6 Toxic Foods You Shouldn’t Give Your French Bulldog

Sometimes you may think that your French bulldog can eat everything, but both for them and for any other dog there are foods that can harm their health. It is advisable to take the food of your French bulldog to the letter and avoid giving them food beyond the specific feed for them. On one hand, it can make them feel bad, cause allergies or poisoning, in addition to overfeeding them with the risk of being overweight.

Dangerous and forbidden foods for your French Bulldog

1.     Chocolate

Chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine, substances that affect the central nervous system, speed up the heart rate and increase blood pressure. Even consumed in small quantities they can be very dangerous to the health of the French bulldog. Some of the effects of consuming it are vomiting, hyperactivity, diarrhea, tremors, diarrhea, rapid breathing, weakness, and excessive urination. Do not think about giving ice cream in summer, for example, there are alternatives to give sweet treats such as homemade ice cream for dogs, homemade dog cookies, or dog cakes.

2.     Treats

Like chocolate and with the same effects, you should avoid giving them candies or sweets as they contain many fatty sugars, as well as dyes and preservatives very negative for the health of your French bulldog. In addition, our teeth, produce tartar and other dental problems. For this there are sweets in specialized stores, however, it is never good to consume them in excess. Forget about doing the grace by giving him to try a lollipop or a lollipop because, in the long run, it is not fun.

3.     Coffee or tea

Like chocolate and treats, if your French bulldog consumes coffee or tea, due to its high content of caffeine and theine, it can cause vomiting and diarrhea, as it is toxic to his heart and nervous system.

4.     Bones or spines

You should never give chicken, piglet, lamb, or rabbit bonesnor remains of fish with bones. They will bite you until they break it into small, sharp, sharp splinters, which can damage and puncture your esophagus, stomach, intestine, or rectum. In fact, there are many bad heartless people, who use chicken bones as a lethal weapon to harm dogs when they do not want them to take walks in certain areas. Keep a lot of watch on where you go with your French bulldog.

5.     Milk

The cow’s milk you buy for your daily consumption is also harmful to your French bulldog, it can cause vomiting or diarrhea because his digestive system does not assimilate it properly.

6.     Onion

Onion is toxic to any dog. Its toxic effect is the same both raw and cooked or dehydrated. The toxicity of onions causes damage to your blood, a type of hemolytic anemia by the destruction of red blood cells, which decreases oxygenation to the brain and other vital organs.

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How To Keep Your Cat’s Oral Hygiene Up To Date

We know that felines have a habit of grooming, right? They bathe alone and even bury their feces in the litter box. However, when we talk about cat oral hygiene, the guardian needs to help. After all, they can’t solve this part without the help of a human.

The Common Problems Of Oral Hygiene Of The Cat

If humans do not brush their teeth and do not go to the dentist, the accumulated dirt generates several complications. With cats, this is no different. Not paying proper attention to your cat’s oral hygiene can lead to serious health problems. The most common among them is periodontitis. When treated in advance, it does not lead to serious situations. However, without the necessary treatments, it can provoke even tooth loss. Its cause is tartar that accumulates causing inflammation and gingival retraction, with or without bleeding.

Another frequent situation is feline resorbent lesion or LRF. Basically, it’s feline decomposition. It can leave teeth fragile and with the possibility of falling out. Finally, another common disease is the Gingivitis-Stomatitis-Pharyngitis Complex or CGEF. Characterized by hyperemic lesions (red spots) that generate ulcers in the back of the mouth.

Well, you may have realized how essential it is to include brushing in your kitten’s routine, right? So, then check the ideal frequency and learn how to do it at home. Follow up!

How To Prevent Oral Hygiene Problems In Cats

We know that cat oral hygiene is essential, but in practice, most people don’t treat it that way. This is a habit still little adopted by tutors, especially when we talk about frequency. Think about it and answer for yourself: what is the ideal consistency for brushing feline teeth? 2 times a month? Once a week? The right answer is every day. That’s it! If humans brush at every meal, why would cats be any different? If not, try at least 3 times every 7 days.

In addition, regular consultations with the veterinarian are essential. During the visit, the specialist will assess the situation to make sure everything is fine or request some treatment if necessary. The last recommendation is to maintain good eating habits, which also make a difference. That is why it is so important to know how to choose the feed.

How To Brush Your Cat’s Teeth

The best way to introduce the habit is when the pet is still a puppy. However, if you have an adult pet and want to start caring for it, we have some tips! The important thing is that the cat understands that this is a moment of affection. So, choose a quiet place and start cafuné until you are very relaxed. With the help of the specialized toothbrush, start cleaning slowly and with light movements. After several attempts, you will gain confidence and it will be easier to perform thorough hygiene.

If you have trouble doing so, try it at different times, calmly. It is important not to force, as it has the possibility of stressing the animal. If even after numerous experiments, it is unsuccessful, there are other alternatives that help. Currently, in the market, you can easily find mouthwashes, sprays, and foams that achieve almost the same result. For the very best in Dental care for dogs in Virginia visit www.TCVCCares.com


What Do The Puppies Eat?

Just as people go through different phases to follow an adult diet, our dog must go through the same phases. At 20 days we can start weaning, but depending on the breed we will have to wait until they are between 12 and 24 months old to give them adult dog food. While your puppy will have to eat, first about 4 or 6 meals a day, and as he grows we will increase the amount reducing the frequency to two meals a day. But what will we give him?

At first, we will prepare some semi-solid porridge from dry feed soaked in water – never with cow’s milk-, which can be combined with breast milk. At 45 days the dog will be completely weaned, and we will continue with those feeds specifically designed for puppies. They are feed rich in protein, vitamins, calcium, and energy; and although the colored ones may be more attractive to you, it is better to choose a brown feed, without dyes.

Coinciding with these first weeks, their teeth will begin to come out. Although it is easy to fall into temptation and give the puppy human food, we must bear in mind that it is very difficult for them to digest it, especially when they are so small. From the fifth week we can completely abandon milk, and little by little we will also add less and less water to the feed so that they get used to solid food. Tooth growth is key to completing this transition to solid feed.

Forbidden Foods for Puppies

The feeding of the puppy is key since depending on how we feed it, it will grow healthy or have problems that will accompany it for the rest of its life. Never offer him raw meat, better cook it to kill the bacteria, and be careful with the bones, no matter how small: they can damage the teeth or the intestine. And remember that chocolate, onion, or grapes are toxic. At these ages, treats are not recommended either, although if you give in, try not to make them more than 10% of their diet.

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5 Reasons to Take Your Dog to a Pet Resort While You’re Away

If you are going to go on a trip, whether for work or vacation, there is one thing that can worry you too much: what will you do with your dog? Sometimes you can take him with you if you find lodging where he can accompany you and thus avoid being left alone, or you can also leave him in charge with someone, although you do not know if he is going to take care of him properly. Therefore, the best option, where you can be sure that you will have good care, is a dedicated pet resort. If you are not convinced that it is the best option, today we are going to give you the main reasons to take it.

1. Entertainment away from home

Dog resorts are designed so that pets can entertain themselves as if they were at home, so you won’t have to worry about your dog being alone, with nothing to do. They have open spaces, gym areas, swimming pools, and other amenities specially designed for the care of your pet.

2. They will socialize with other dogs

At the resort, your dog will find others to interact with, which is ideal when your pet is very social. No matter how old he is or his energy level, you will have the opportunity to develop his social skills and have fun as if he were in the park where you always take him.

3. Less separation anxiety

Some dogs do not do well left alone and may become anxious, start chewing things or bark non-stop; instead, in a resort for dogs, they will be surrounded by other dogs and handlers trained to take care of them and help them remedy this problem, which can affect many dogs.

4. They will not be home alone

Despite being well-trained, dogs that are home alone for a long time can suffer from boredom and lack of stimulation, which is why they tend to develop destructive behaviors, such as biting things, taking the bathroom anywhere, some even self-mutilate; behaviors that you can avoid by leaving him with professionals in a resort for dogs.

5. They will discharge all their energy

If your dog has high energy and needs to exercise every day, in a resort for dogs he will have open spaces available to run and interact with other dogs so that at the end of the day he is calm, happy, and tired to finally rest and feel at home.

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Tips when choosing the right Dog Trainer

Question; what should you do to make your dog be friendly to strangers, behave well when you walk him to the park or just be fun to be around you and other people? It’s simple, just take him to a good dog trainer. Well, you might train him partially especially with the basic commands, but it needs more than that. Now, on to our topic of discussion; what are the qualities of a good dog trainer?


 Sense of Humor


Don’t be surprised about this quality. On the contrary, a good dog trainer must be light-hearted. They will be handling the dogs, which behave differently. So if the dog trainer doesn’t have a good sense of humor, they might even be easily frustrated. In the end, the dog might be scared, and that would ruin the entire training process.




Yep, another must-have quality of any dog trainer is patience. This is a virtue that lets trainers make the entire process easy and successful. Some dogs will respond slowly to the training, while others will master the tricks and commands quickly. For that, the trainer should not be too pushy and overly impatient with the training process. You can even test them by how you ask questions. If they cannot answer multiple questions, then it means that they are not patient enough.




The dog trainer should also be flexible enough. This implies timely flexibility, as well as training flexibility. If one approach doesn’t bear fruits, the trainer should apply a different approach to see if the dog will adapt to it. Also, they should adjust their availability based on the client. Some clients will only be available over the weekends. For that, the dog trainer should be available when needed.




Well, there is the regular training approach used by nearly all dog trainers. However, a good trainer should be able to apply some other creative measures just to spice up the training process. They can even customize the training techniques to fit the understanding level of the dog.




Another thing that a good dog trainer should have is tolerance. They should accept that dogs are dogs. What does that mean? Well, dogs will be dirty time and again, and that is what dog trainers should get used to. They will come with dirty paws and fur, which should freak them out if the trainer really wants to handle the furry buddies.


Always ensure that you choose a good dog trainer that has all the appropriate qualities before you decide to take your dog to them. Above all, visit their facilities to check that they have all the necessary equipment and supplies.


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5 Things To Look Out For in a Bambino Cat Breeder

If you are looking for a good and healthy Bambino, you will want to consider the breeder that you choose. A good breeder will help you get the right Bambino cat that doesn’t only fit your budget but also matches your preferences. There are a lot of benefits of buying a bambino cat from a reliable breeder. But how do you find a reliable Bambino breeder? Here are some qualities to consider:


1. The Experience of the Bambino Breed


Notice that we are not saying the experience of the breeder in the field, but their experience in the specific Bambino breed. Do they know what they are doing or they are in the field just to make money? A good breeder should have a deep knowledge of the Bambino Cats, and they must have dealt with the specific breed for the longest time possible. This shows that you are working with a professional breeder that is willing to help you accordingly.


2. Love For the Cats


You don’t want to work with a breeder that is only ready to get rid of the cats so that they can make money. Instead, they should have the love for the pets that they are working with. Watch how they handle the cats and you can also ask if they have one at home. Honestly, it wouldn’t make sense if the breeder is offering you the Bambino cat but they don’t own a Bambino cat at home. Typically, you should ensure that the cat breeder has the love for the cats that they are offering for adoption.


3. Well-Informed


It isn’t just about having experience in the field and being a cat lover. Instead, the Bambino breeder should have enough details about the Bambino breed. In other words, they should be ready to give you the necessary information that you need when you will be taking the cat home. You want to know how to handle and take care of the cat appropriately, and the breeder should be the right person to help you with that.


4. Availability


A good breeder should be readily available when you need their help. Whether you want to have a look at their facilities, you need to inquire about something, or you want to buy a cat from them, they must be available at all times. For that, consider the breeder’s availability when deciding to pick them.


A reliable breeder should offer decent Bambino cat prices (https://www.purrbastetsphynxandbambinos.com/available-kittens.html), which should match the health and quality of the cat they are offering for sale or adoption.


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Who Should Get a Miniature Golden Retriever?

Everybody knows that a dog is man’s best friend. That is why dogs are among the popular pets in America and around the whole world. When you are out finding a dog, you need to consider the breed that pleases you most. The miniature golden retriever is one of the most loved dog breeds. But are you a perfect candidate to get this dog? Who should get it anyway? We will be discussing that in this article.

  1. The Family Guy

If you have a family, with kids in the house, you shouldn’t hesitate to get a mini golden retriever at home. These dogs are small in size, and they are very friendly in nature. They can easily get along with kids in the house, which shouldn’t be a big deal. You won’t have to worry about having a dog that has harmed your child in any way. However, you still need to monitor your children around the dog.

  1. The Activity Freak

Are you that person that loves running, jogging, or walking every day? If you are, this dog can suit you perfectly. They love being active, and it is recommended to involve him in some exercises time and again. If you are already active and you love exercising, you and your new dog would be a perfect match.

  1. If You Don’t Mind the Shedding

Many people love dogs. However, not everyone can stand their natural shedding. Some find it annoying to have the dog hair all around the house. If you are that kind of person, a mini golden retriever wouldn’t be your ideal breed. But if you don’t mind the frequent shedding, then you will be glad to have this dog breed at home with you.

  1. The Person that Enjoys Grooming the Dog

Again, not everyone finds it appealing to groom and brush their dog one, too many times. But if you enjoy taking care of your dog and brushing their coat, this dog breed would suit you perfectly. When you go with your mini golden retriever at home, you will need to brush his fur every week. This can be tedious for some people. That is why you need to think about it before you take this dog breed home. Don’t just rush to buy the dog breed only to fail to take care of him accordingly.

Remember to find a good breeder that offers plenty of miniature golden retriever puppies for adoption Avoid buying a puppy from a pet store. A breeder assures you of getting a healthy dog to adopt. Also, ensure that you dedicate yourself to taking care of the dog accordingly.


K9 Estate Security Dogs And What You Need To Know

So, your dog is outside jumping all over the yard, barking at everyone and everything that he sees. Whenever a visitor comes to the estate, the dog is overly aggressive and growling. But who let that dog out? Actually, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that the furry fellow doesn’t have proper training.

But how will you know if your dog needs training? Typically it’s about how he behaves. If he is too aggressive, barks all the time jumps excessively, chases his tail, or ignores you when you call or give him an order, then he needs training without any doubt. Now, how do you go about it? What should you do when your dog needs training? Here are three significant tips to help you;

  1. Decide the level of training required

The first thing you need to do is to determine the degree of disobedience of your dog. Maybe your furry buddy doesn’t listen to your commands, or he is fond of jumping on your guests uncontrollably. It could also be that he is used to barking at anything and being overly aggressive. The same way the German Shepherd trainer would approach a dog that doesn’t listen to your command isn’t the same way they’d approach one that is too aggressive. Therefore, ensure that you decide the degree of your dog’s disobedience before taking him to the trainer.

  1. Decide the training pattern

So yes, you have decided the disobedience degree of your dog, but which training pattern would suit him best? Would you prefer training him in the class, at home or both? Well, you will have to go for both. Proper training will happen both in class and at home. For instance, aggressive barking is best handled by the trainer and yourself at home. You need to keep training him even when you are with him at home. If he barks, tell him no.

  1. Find the right trainer

The right training partner will determine the outcome of the dog’s training. If you take him to the wrong trainer, he will not behave accordingly. Some trainers are only after money, and they will not train the dog as needed. So, you need to be extra careful whenever you are finding a good trainer for estate security 

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New Pets


For some time now, we’ve been hearing about the new pets, but what are they? These are mainly rodent species such as rabbits, ferrets,  rats, but also less attractive animals such as certain spiders, reptiles such as snakes, lizards and turtles, amphibians such as frogs, salamanders, axolotls, or the pig, who invites himself more and more often in homes as a pet, just like the dog.